9 Field Street, # 218

Belfast, Maine 04915

Tel: 207.338.1655


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Nutrition for Health.

Nutrition for Life.


Welcome! Thank you for visiting my site.  You are in the right place if you are looking for food and nutrition guidance to feel better and live a healthier life.  Whether you are in a state of "chronic un-wellness," dealing with a health condition, or simply want to take your eating plan from good to great, nutrition can help.

  What I do:

I help clients improve their health and well-being through the use of real, unprocessed foods and lifestyle changes. I use an integrative approach, looking at the whole person, not just the disease or the symptoms. Because we are all unique individuals, each session is tailored to a client's particular health needs, food likes, dietary restrictions, and health goals. I use a team approach built on trust, non-judgement, and open communication.

Clients with a wide variety of health concerns come to see me here in Belfast, Maine, including those who feel like they eat well, but would like to know if they are missing anything. 


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